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Brave Faces

Brave Faces: Michelle Orton 

It takes resilience to pursue *another* master's degree while being a full-time mom, employee and active community member. Despite the challenges of raising two teenage boys and being employed full-time as a Community Banking Specialist/Business Banking Officer, Michelle Orton is determined to further her education and achieve her academic goals.

"I’ve always been a firm believer in growth, both personally and professionally. I feel that furthering my education not only helps me as I continue to move forward at Bravera, but it’s a great way for me to grow as a school board member, a business owner and in my personal life as I plan for our future."

With the support of her family and her knowledge from her first master's degree in exercise physiology, Michelle is determined to continue forging her path ahead.

Brave Faces: Derek Binstock 

It takes heart to rehabilitate injured animals. After finding a wounded dove around his neighborhood back in 2020, Investment Officer Derek Binstock took it upon himself to help the little bird.

Brave Faces: Julie Jeske

It takes grit to push yourself further. Bismarck Private Banking Officer Julie Jeske has successfully completed 27 marathons in 10 different states throughout her lifetime...

Brave Faces: Megan Maxon

It takes courage to try something new. In 2021, after spending several years in loan operations and underwriting, Mandan team member Megan Maxon stepped into the challenge of a new role as a Mortgage Banking Officer at Bravera...

Reece Fischer

It takes courage to reach for the stars. 14-year-old Reece lives with spastic cerebral palsy. A football fan and happy heart...

Benny Lemieux

It takes courage to reach for the stars. 9-year-old Benny lives with spastic quadriplegia, a severe form of cerebral palsy. However, that doesn't stop Benny from staying active and getting involved in school...

Chelsey Tostenrud & Ryan Beck

It takes courage to pursue growth and be vulnerable. That is exactly what Bismarck Chief Operating Officer Ryan Beck and Dickinson Retirement Plan Administrator Chelsey Tostenrud faced when they applied to the Bravera Mentoring Program in 2021, Ryan as Chelsey's mentor.

Kelsey Dahl

It takes courage to rebrand. Changing the name and brand of a community bank with 27 locations is no small feat. The courage and dedication that our rebrand team displayed lead to producing an intentional and scalable brand. Marketing Manager Kelsey Dahl was tasked to lead this two-year project.

It takes courage to pursue a career. With the support of her supervisor, her husband and more than ten years in the banking industry, Cando Market President Lisa Mosser did just that… while eight months pregnant with her second child.

Brady Boese

It takes courage to start a business. With the support and encouragement from friends and family Dickinson Insurance Producer Brady Boese took a leap of faith to start a business.

We are Bravera.

An employee- and director-owned company of advisors who help build the financial strength, stability and growth of every community to which we belong. We’re driven to serve you, coming together to forge new paths to help you achieve your business and personal goals.