Bravera Bank

It takes courage to rebrand.

Brave Face: Kelsey Dahl

It takes courage to rebrand. Changing the name and brand of a community bank with 27 locations is no small feat. The courage and dedication that our rebrand team displayed lead to producing an intentional and scalable brand. Marketing Manager Kelsey Dahl was tasked to lead this two-year project.

“Bravera’s brand showcases the pioneering spirit and Midwestern roots from which we came. To build a brand focused on bravery and truth shows our customers that we’re right beside them every step of the way. We’re here to help them forge their path," said Kelsey. 

Pulling in graphic elements that showcase our legacy, using colors reflective of the landscape that surrounds us and producing custom photography that truly defines who we are, are just a few of the many pieces that build Bravera.  

Although a project this large is most definitely a team effort, the bravery that Kelsey displayed to oversee tasks from building signage to promotional items and everything in between resulted in a powerful brand launch for Bravera.