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Bravera gives $120,000 for Dream Center Bismarck's Adopt-a-Block

Bravera is gifting $120,000 throughout the next three years to support the operation and maintenance of the Dream Center Bismarck’s Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution truck. The Adopt-a-Block program is part of their community food distribution service that provides up to 130,000 pounds of groceries each month to low-income families.

Your Homeowners Policy and
Roof Damage

The idea of having “a roof over your head” is comforting precisely because roofs are so important. And you may feel reassured that your homeowners insurance ...

Bravera and NDSU Extension host Women in Ag events

Bravera and NDSU Extension are offering a free event series called Women in Ag — Leading. Linking. Learning. It's an agriculture-focused program designed to...

Brave Faces: Titus Gietzen

It takes grit to start a new venture. Wealth Associate Titus Gietzen started his side-gig Gietzen Gadgets before...

United Community Bank is becoming Bravera Bank

Bravera Bank is proud to announce that United Community Bank is going to be merged into Bravera Bank. 

8 Tips to Reduce Your Food Bill

Consider these eight strategies to reduce your monthly grocery bill...

Brave Faces: Julie Jeske

It takes grit to push yourself further. Bismarck Private Banking Officer Julie Jeske has successfully completed 27 marathons in 10 different states throughout her lifetime...


Forging Paths: Finley Motors

Bravera customer Karl Christian has owned Finley Motors in Finley, N.D. since he took ownership of the company from his father, Ray, in 1993...

Water Damage Situations Your Insurance Policy May Not Cover

There are four types of water damage that are almost always excluded from homeowners policies. Take a look at these four main exclusions.

Bravera promotes Katelyn Holzer

Bravera Insurance recently promoted Katelyn Holzer to benefits producer. Originally from Dickinson, she has worked in the benefits industry...

The Cost of College Life

One of the many mysteries of college, especially freshman year, is what being there is actually going to cost. Sure, you know there’s tuition. But how much will you need to make it through the first semester?

Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator

See how much you can save in time and money by adding to your monthly payment amount.

Bravera Wealth promotes four employees to leadership roles

Bravera Wealth recently named Missy Thompson its chief operating officer, Blaine Stockert its chief wealth officer, Pam Andrist its senior wealth manager and Russ Murphy its senior wealth advisor.

Financial Education

Whatever stage of life you're in, Bravera is here to help! Check out our library of articles, calculators and coaches below. 
Teaching kids about personal finances gives them a head start, and we don't just mean piggy banks! Help kids master strategies in investing, saving, and even credit.
Off to college? Tuition isn't the only thing you need to pay for...Learn to budget and manage all the unexpected and kind-of-expected costs that come with being on your own.
Budgeting isn't about restriction, it's about freedom. The best way to avoid financial strain is to know where your money is going and plan ahead!
It takes credit to get credit, and credit is crucial to buying a new home, finding a place to rent, or purchasing a new car. You have to start somewhere, start here.
The process of buying a house is riddled with decisions. Our articles, calculators and coaches can help make you the right ones to prevent financial setbacks.
With hackers and scammers getting more proficient than ever, learn to protect yourself from fraud by using safe practices.
Whether it's just around the corner or decades away, now is the perfect time to start planning your retirement.
Premiums, deductibles, max out-of-pocket expenses—it may seem like too much to learn, but the right information can get you to a place of understanding fast.
Whether you're feeling a bit lost as you start your new business or you are looking to grow your existing business, our resources can help you make the right decisions and manage your operation.