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Bravera gives $120,000 for Dream Center Bismarck’s Adopt-a-Block

 September 22, 2022

Bravera is gifting $120,000 throughout the next three years to support the operation and maintenance of the Dream Center Bismarck’s Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution truck. The Adopt-a-Block program is part of their community food distribution service that provides up to 130,000 pounds of groceries each month to low-income families.

One of the Dream Center Bismarck’s goals is to alleviate food insecurity in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Six days a week, the Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution truck picks up grocery product from area grocery stores and distributes at various schools, churches, the Dream Center and other strategic locations in Bismarck and Mandan. The Dream Center Adopt-a-Block and the Dream Center Food Pantry are now serving more than 700 low-income households each week.

“’We get to serve.’ That’s our mantra at the Dream Center. Now with Bravera teaming up with us, the Dream Center can better serve our community,” said Jim Barnhardt, Dream Center Bismarck founder. “Bravera’s commitment in sponsoring the Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution truck as well as volunteering with our Adopt-a-Block program is greatly appreciated and needed by our community.”

By providing these groceries, the Dream Center Bismarck and Bravera work together to save local individuals and families money that in turn helps them focus their limited resources on bills and other needs they have. The program engages 60 volunteers each week.

“As a community bank, we are incredibly grateful for organizations, like the Dream Center, that have a mission of helping local families who live below the poverty line,” said Kevin Dykema, Bravera Bank regional president. “We know this partnership involving our financial gift along with our exceptional employees who volunteer with the program will make a difference for so many people in our community.”

Supporting the Dream Center Bismarck is one of many ways Bravera gives back to the communities it serves across North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota.
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