Bravera Bank

Dakota School of Banking Graduates

Derek Hulm, Michelle Orton and Landon Wutzke with Bravera Bank recently graduated from the Dakota School of Banking (DSB) sponsored by the North Dakota Bankers Association (NDBA). In its 50th year, the school trained 72 bank personnel. The school was held on the campus of University of Jamestown in Jamestown, North Dakota.

“The Dakota School of Banking provides focus education for bankers looking to enhance their skill set and advance their careers,” said Dorothy Lick, NDBA senior vice president of education. “Each banker receives a well-rounded educational experience, develops banking skills, and creates a valuable network of peers.”

Bankers are enrolled in the school for two years, attending one week each summer. The first-year session provides an overview of the banking industry and the departments that make up a bank. The second-year session builds on the banking knowledge gained in the first year and adds a computerized bank management simulation to reinforce technical and functional management skills.

Teachers at the school include bankers, attorneys, accountants and financial industry consultants. Sessions combined lecture, hands-on activities, a computerized banking simulation and testing.