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Forging Paths: ND Assistive

Forging New Paths for Those of All Ages and Disabilities

Bravera is proud to be an active supporter of ND Assistive. With locations in Fargo and Bismarck, ND Assistive is a nonprofit organization striving to help people with disabilities discover new opportunities and explore what is possible through assistive technology.
Executive Director Mike Chaussee describes how he first encountered ND Assistive four and a half years ago. Seeing a table for ND Assistive at an event, he was amazed by the variety of assistive devices available. He immediately began considering how this organization could assist people in his life. Mike describes ND Assistive as "one of the few nonprofits with the ability to serve anyone fortunate enough to live a long life. We have the capacity to assist anyone."
In addition to assistive devices, ND Assistive offers specialized programs. One such program, Senior Safety, assists individuals over 60 who wish to remain at home with safety devices ranging from alert systems to medication reminders and hearing devices. Their Specialized Phone Program helps combat isolation by keeping families and friends connected through adaptive and specialized cell phones, enabling people with disabilities to communicate.
Mike emphasizes the importance of ND Assistive reaching all communities and serving individuals wherever they are. This commitment initially attracted ND Assistive to Bravera. Observing Bravera's presence across North Dakota, particularly in small towns, Mike recognized Bravera as the right partner. "We share a similar vision on how to reach people. Our goal is statewide service, focusing on individuals."
Mike encourages anyone seeking assistive technology to contact ND Assistive. Technology is available to assist you or someone important in your life. To schedule a visit to one of ND Assistive's demonstration centers, call 800-895-4728. The process is simple and free of charge.
We look forward to supporting ND Assistive as they continue their mission.