Bravera Bank

Forging Paths: Hot Switch Heating System

Innovation in Minot

Longtime Bravera Bank customers Meagan and Shane Kunnanz own Hot Switch Heating System. Their company specializes in crafting induction rail heating systems stretching from New York to Alaska. These innovative patented products have revolutionized rail heating methods across the country. Sister company, Fiberglass Specialties supply rail switch covers, fiberglass tanks for the oilfield and other fiberglass-related products throughout the country and Canada.

The collaboration between Fiberglass Specialties and Hot Switch Heating System has further expanded its capabilities, contributing to the seamless and efficient operation of rail networks on a global scale. This partnership has been a significant milestone for the company.

"In partnership with the Bank of North Dakota, Bravera has been able to create a financial package for Hot Switch Heating Systems. We've been able to encourage the development of small local businesses while maintaining a focus on family and community values"

– Roscoe Streyle, Minot Regional Business Lead

As a community-focused company, all operations are conducted locally in Minot, and they take pride in providing employment opportunities for numerous individuals within their community.

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