Bravera Bank

Dynamic Duos

Mike Vetter & Julie Jeske

Just as a Pina Colada is incomplete without its tiny umbrella, Bismarck Private Banking Officer Julie Jeske and Business Development Officer Mike Vetter are the perfect pairing to enhance your banking experience. This duo has been working together for years, bringing their combined expertise to serve their community's needs.

How long have you worked together?

Six years.

How does working together help you to better serve your customers? 

Julie: Mike’s job and my job are similar in the fact we are always looking for new customers while trying to better serve our current customers by exposing them to other services and products Bravera has to offer.

Mike: Our partnership helps Bravera to be more innovative- different perspectives are considered, leading to well-rounded strategies and better outcomes for customers.

What do you do for fun at work? 

Julie: My coworkers give me a reason to laugh every day – whether it is a silly joke, a funny story or a good-natured ribbing.

Mike: Collaborating with team members, networking and attending industry events. 

What have you learned from each other? 

Julie: Mike truly enjoys getting to know people and has never met a stranger. Within a matter of minutes of talking with Mike you have formed a connection.

Mike: I have learned teamwork, collaboration and broader understanding of our industry through working with Julie.

What is your favorite thing about your community? 

Julie: This community provides a work-life balance important to who I am as a person.

Mike: The strong local identity and feeling like part of a family with businesses that enhance the overall quality of life.

What makes Bravera a great partnership for customers? 

Julie: Bravera genuinely cares about its customers. Going above and beyond is not the exception but the rule as to how we treat people.

Mike: We offer personalized financial solutions with tailored advice.

Why did you pick that analogy to represent your partnership?

Julie: Mike and I enjoy our work but recognize the value in having fun while we work. Mike is always cracking a joke or telling me a silly story about his exploits.

Mike: We enjoy the journey and shared success that comes from working together.