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Data Privacy

Privacy is more important than ever in today’s digital world. With data breaches and compromised data it’s important that people know how their information is being used and how to protect it along with their identity.

What personal data are you unknowingly sharing through your smart phone apps?  How are these companies protecting your data? There are many things to keep in mind.

  • Own your online presence. Check your privacy settings. From social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to ride share services and web browsers, make sure your settings reflect only what you want to share. To see a list of popular devices and services that store your data and learn how to manage your privacy settings, visit
  • Implement MFA for logins. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires two factors to log in to a device or website. For example, a login may require a password and verification code that is sent via text message. MFA along with strong passwords makes it much more difficult for your personal data to be compromised.
  • Set up alerts for changes to your data. These alerts can notify you if an email address, phone number or physical address was changed on an account. Online banking alerts will make you aware of unusual debit card transactions or new payees added to online bill pay.
  • Be careful what you share. Depending on your privacy settings, even strangers may be able to see personal details or photos of yourself or family on social media. Be selective about what information you share on the web.
  • Use caution while on public WiFi. Note that public WiFi is generally not secure and may put your devices and personal information at risk. Be selective about which public network you are using and avoid using sites that require you to log in with your username and password.

If you believe your personal information has been compromised, take all necessary measures to ensure your information could not be used against you. Turn of your debit card, alert your bank, freeze your social, set message alerts for any debit or credit cards to help you monitor spending that could potentially not be you.

For more information about monitoring your identity, check out Bravera’s ID Theft Protection tools.