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Water Damage Situations and Your Home Insurance Policy

With mounds of heavy snow and warmer temps on the horizon, make sure your home is prepared for the melting snow. While water in your home is never good, your homeowners policy may not have coverage for losses caused by ground seepage, runoff water or flooding. Bravera Insurance works with several top carriers to provide quality policies to protect your home. Understanding what is covered under your policy will offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the protection you need. 

First, let’s look at the difference between ground seepage, runoff water, and flooding.

Ground seepage: Melting snow and/or heavy rains are absorbed by the ground. In times of great moisture, this absorption of water can find it’s way through cracks in your foundation and seep directly into your basement, causing damage to your home and personal property.

Runoff water: Not all melting snow and/or water is immediately absorbed into the ground. Depending on the landscape around your home, this water can run directly into the structure of your home and find it’s way through gaps in your siding or faulty seals within basement window wells, causing damage to your home and personal property.

Flood: Sudden and extreme runoff water, sometimes caused by natural disasters. Special policies written through the National Flood Insurance Program (administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency) can protect against losses due to flooding. These policies are separate from your homeowners policy, however, Bravera Insurance does provide these types of policies. If you have any questions or are interested in adding a Flood policy to your insurance portfolio, please give us a call to discuss your needs and options. As Flood policies have a 30 day wait period before they are effective, it is better to reach out as soon as possible if you would like any additional information. 

Know your risks

You don’t have to live in a flood plain to be at risk for ground seepage, runoff water or flooding. It’s wise to examine the area around your home and consider any factors that would make water damage to your home more or less likely. For obvious reasons, homes located close to a large body of water have a higher risk of flooding. If your home is located on higher ground, or there are well-built and maintained flood defenses, this could reduce your risk substantially.

Prepare your defenses

You cannot entirely water-proof your home, but there are many steps you can take to reduce potential damage to your property.
  • Push snow away from your foundation before it melts.
  • Caulk cracks in your driveway, steps or walkways.
  • Check seals around windows and doors.
  • Clean leaves and debris from gutters.
  • Inspect and repair your roof to protect from damage caused by water leaks and mold.

Water losses can be scary, expensive, and common. If you have any questions regarding your existing home policy or would like to discuss adding Flood insurance, please give us a call. We are always here to advise, educate, and assist with any of your insurance needs and concerns.

Questions about insurance? 

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