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Navigating Summer Storms

Don't let a weather claim rain on your parade. Midwest summers can be full of sun, fun, and good times with family; however, they also come with wind and hailstorms. While you can't prevent these storms from causing damage, there are steps you can take once a loss has occurred.
It is a good idea to file a claim right away. While most carriers have a grace period between the date of loss and when the claim is reported, this can vary by carrier, and you don't want to risk your claim being denied because too much time has passed.
Any damage to your property will have to exceed your deductible. If you aren't sure if the damage incurred is greater than the deductible on your policy, it can be helpful to call the contractor you would have fix the damage to provide an estimate before filing a claim. This will need to be done in a timely manner so that a claim can be filed if needed.
When you notice damage from a loss, try to take your own photos of the damage to have for your records. Once a claim is filed, your adjuster will come out to survey the damage and take their own photos, but it is always helpful to have supplemental information you can supply.
Although you will want to take precautionary measures to prevent additional damage after a loss, you shouldn't try to clean or repair the damage before filing a claim and having an adjuster come out to inspect the damage incurred. Your adjuster will need to see the full extent of the damage to complete an accurate assessment of what it may cost to repair.
Once you have filed a claim and an adjuster has assessed the extent of the damage, be sure to save any receipts for the cost of repairs or replacements you pay over the duration of your claim. These will be required by your carrier to reimburse you for those out-of-pocket expenses. If you are unsure if an out-of-pocket cost would be included in your claim, give your Bravera Claims Coordinator a call.
Summer claims can really dampen the season, but Bravera Insurance is here to help guide you through these unfortunate circumstances.

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