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Auto Claims: Next Steps

When accidents happen, the first step is to contact your insurance advisor or start the claim process using the Bravera Insurance mobile app. The items below will outline the next steps after you’ve filed your auto claim with us.

File a police report if you haven’t already done so but have been instructed to do.

If the vehicle is not drivable, have it towed to a repair facility if you have not already done so.

  • Be sure to collect any personal belongings from the vehicle before it is towed.

If the vehicle is drivable, you will need to take it in to a repair facility for an estimate.

Expect to be contacted by the claims adjuster within two working days. Please call Bravera Insurance if you have not been contacted within that timeframe.

  • If the damage significantly affects your living conditions or continuing operations, we will request that the insurance carrier expedite your claim.
  • Please let us know immediately if your circumstances change and this loss will have a greater impact on your living conditions business than originally anticipated.

The claims adjuster will handle all communication with the parties involved. Please refer all inquiries to Bravera Insurance.

The claim adjuster will review the estimate, photos provided by the repair facility and may send an appraiser to see the vehicle.

Keep all receipts for any repairs or replacement items. These receipts will be needed to support your claim.

  • This could include also include related bills, estimates, or other documentation resulting from your claim.

Be prepared to provide additional information as requested by the claims adjuster.

We understand that this may be a lot to take in, but we are here to help. Please do not hesitate
to contact us if you have any questions.

Questions about insurance? 

Contact one of our insurance advisors by calling 800-225-9104 or by contacting us online. You can also request a quote online. 

Bravera Insurance has locations throughout North Dakota and Montana. We are licensed in 38 states with multiple areas of expertise. 

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