Bravera Bank

Benefits of Being a Community Bank

At Bravera, we are a community bank prioritizing the needs of our local communities. Instead of catering to a national or global market, we focus on building strong relationships with customers in our immediate area. There are many benefits to being a community bank, ranging from personalized service to community reinvestment. However, one of our most unique differences from other banks is our employee ownership.

  1. Employee- and director-owned: as an employee- and director-owned bank, our approach to banking is much different than national banks and even other community banks. We place great emphasis on being well diversified between customer segments, within our geography, and across our deposit base resulting in conservative risk management practices. As owners, our commitment to you is even greater, knowing that your success is our success.

  2. Personalized service: we offer personalized services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve. We have a strong understanding of the local economy and are more attuned to your financial needs.
  3. Local decision-making: We make lending decisions based on local knowledge and relationships. Unlike larger banks, we don’t rely on algorithms and credit scores alone to make decisions. 
  4. Community reinvestment: we are strong investors in the communities we serve. By providing loans and financing to local businesses and individuals we help stimulate economic growth and create jobs in our communities.

  5. Flexibility: We strive to help you forge your path ahead. We have the flexibility to accommodate those who may not meet the strict requirements of larger banks while serving as your advisor every step of the way.
  6. Stronger relationships: We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with you. This leads to better customer service, more personalized financial advice, and a greater sense of trust between you and our advisors.

Overall, being a community bank provides numerous benefits for both us and the communities we serve. By prioritizing the needs of our community, we can help to create a more vibrant and prosperous local economy.