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Dynamic Duos

Dynamic Duos: Kyle Kuntz and Jacob Greff

Just like the secure foundation of a fence comes from the perfect balance between a strong post and secure wiring, an agricultural operation needs the combined support of Ag Banking Officer Kyle Kuntz and Insurance Advisor Jacob Greff to ensure your operation stands strong.

What's the best part of your job? 

Kyle: The best part of my job is being apart of different agricultural operations and seeing them succeed.

Jacob: The best part of my job is visiting with clients and getting to talk about their farming or ranching operation. It’s their lively hood and it makes me happy that I can help them preserve their assets in case of an accident or disaster.

What have you learned from each other? 

Kyle: Jacob has taught me different aspects of insurance that I can use to share with my customers and see them benefit.

Jacob: Kyle has taught me a lot more about how ag lending plays such an important role in the farming and ranching industry. With prices of equipment, building materials, etc. being at all-time highs, it’s crucial that the farmers and ranchers have help so they can continue to raise their cattle and crops.

What makes Bravera a great partner for customers? 

Kyle: Bravera is small enough to have that strong community focus but is big enough to provide the same benefits as large financial institutions.

Jacob: With the fast-paced world we live in and little time to get things done or go places, I think it’s extremely convenient for customers to be able to make Bravera a one stop place for their banking, insurance and wealth needs.

How does working together help you to better serve your customers?

Kyle: Bravera is a one stop shop, including banking, insurance and wealth. So, any given customer can come to one location and can benefit in multiple ways

Jacob: I think it’s very convenient for the farmer or rancher that both Kyle and I can come out and visit with them at one time, so they don’t have to make multiple trips to town.

If you could give each other a gift, what would it be? 

Kyle: After visiting Jacob's house and seeing his collection of tractors and antique pickups, I would gift him something along those lines.

Jacob: I would give Kyle a gift card to Running’s or Menards for his new house. I know from experience that you seem to go to those type of stores every week for something while remodeling or cleaning up a farmyard.