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Liability Insurance Coverage

Accidents Happen All The Time

Sometimes the results are no big deal, but other times, people may be injured by an accident you caused. If you are ever involved in a situation where others are injured, it’s possible that they might point the finger back at you; possibly getting a lawyer involved to come after you for damages!  While we can’t always control the outcome of an accident, it’s good to know that many types of insurance policies you already have include a section protecting you for causing bodily injury and, sometimes, property damage to others.  

Two big questions to ask yourself are:

- Does your policy cover that type of accident?

- Does your policy have high enough limits to cover your loss?

Things like lawyers’ fees, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, even loss of income could be assessed against you by the courts!  These charges can add up and leave you in a tough spot if you don’t have the proper limits to protect yourself. Add in the inflation factor and in today’s world it makes me wonder, “Do my clients have high enough liability limits on their policies?”

If you are as concerned as we are about adequate coverage and the lawsuit trends in the US, please give your Bravera Insurance Advisor a call to discuss what you think might be right for you.

Bob Ford CIC, CISR, CPIA, CLCS, MLIS, CRIS is the Director of Employee Development for Bravera Insurance and a nationally recognized expert in insurance and insurance related lawsuits. Bob serves as an expert witness in many court cases and follows trending court cases in order to keep up with trending legal climates in North Dakota and other states.


Questions about insurance? 

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