Bravera Bank

Intern Spotlight: Gus Kitzan

Bravera Holdings Corp welcomed Gustav Kitzan to the IT Team in December 2023. Gus is currently a student at Dickinson State University, pursuing a degree in Computer Technology Management.

What made you interested in an internship with Bravera?
Gus: I was looking for a position where I could pursue a job that would benefit my career and be able to do school full time. I saw that Bravera was hiring for an IT Internship so I knew that this would be my best option if I got the job!

What new knowledge have you gained from your internship?
Gus: I have learned a lot. I have learned so much about basic computer knowledge, as well as more advanced things such as servers and switches.

What has been the most rewarding part of your internship?
Gus: The feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding. I have taken part in many of the bigger jobs since starting and it feels amazing to be able to finish up a task successfully and see all the hard work you put in to make something work.

What would you say to a student who is thinking about completing an internship with Bravera?
Gus: If you have the chance to pursue a career at Bravera, and it is something you take an interest in, TAKE IT! There is so much room for growth in the company and everyone here is very warm and welcoming!